Wireless TENS/EMS Kit


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The EZee TENS Wireless TENS/EMS system is a battery operated wireless pulse generator that sends electrical impulses from a remote control to a receiver with electrodes attached.

The electrodes are placed on the body to stimulate the nerves and feel gentle electronic sensation instead of pain.

The Wireless remote controls the ON/OFF, 4 separate channels 20 Intensity settings, and 9 modes functions.

The receiver with electrodes attached to them adhere to the skin and receives the pulse signal and sensations..


Always consult your physician before beginning any treatment with an electrotherapy product. Unless prescribed by your physician, electrotherapy should be avoided by expecting mothers and individuals with pacemakers.

Included in Box:

1 remote
2 receivers
1 USB cable for charging
1 AC adapter
1 lower back electrode
1 set of Large pads
1 instruction manual

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 35 × 30 × 15 cm

Wireless TENS/EMS Kit


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Wireless remote controls ON/OFF
4 Channels
20 Intensity Settings
9 Modes Functions
Reusable Electrodes