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If you have been through an ostomy – ileostomy, colostomy, or urostomy – you must know how this transformative surgical procedure has saved your life but also has changed it completely. While you find your routine activities have evolved to a great extent, KomfortHealth is here to help with premium quality ostomy care products online that you can actually count on!

An ostomy is a surgical procedure that redirects waste through an opening called a stoma in the body. A pouch is attached to the stoma to collect all the waste. It typically attaches to the abdomen and fits comfortably over the stoma. With different types of ostomy supplies and bags available, the open-ended reusable pouches come with an end that allows you to drain the contents. They are durable and a bit expensive.  The closed pouches, on the other hand, are sealed at the end and are thrown away once full. Being disposable, they offer a convenient and clear solution for all your ostomy needs.

Shop from our extensive range of comfortable one-piece, two-piece pouches, ostomy bags, drainable pouches, sprays, skin barrier pastes, films and wipes from the brands you trust. Find all the needed accessories and supplies like ostomy belts, pouch clamps, cleansing decrystillizer, odor eliminators, and powders all in one place!
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