Betadine Solution 10% 500ml


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Betadine 10% Solution: View Uses, Side Effects

Betadine Solution Recommended use or purpose:

Film-forming, non-staining and water-soluble. Dependable microbicide for situations such as:

  • Pre-operative skin preparation of the operative site
  • Disinfection of wounds, skin, genital and oropharyngeal mucosa
  • Anti-infective prophylaxis during hospital and office procedures (i.e., injections)

For Pre-operative Use: Clean the affected area. Following cleansing of the operative area, apply BETADINE SOLUTION at full strength as often as needed as paint or wet soak. Allow drying before applying surgical drapes. Wounds, burns, skin lesions: Apply directly to the affected area once or twice daily unless directed otherwise by a healthcare practitioner.

For topical use only.  Use full strength for pre-and post-operative skin and mucus membrane antisepsis, prophylaxis and treatment of wounds, lacerations and burns, bacterial and mycotic infections of the skin, trichomonal, monilial and non-specific vaginitis, cervicitis, oral infections, and dental procedures.


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