Comprilan Short Stretch Compression Bandage


REF No.  Length stretched  Width  Box
7718700 5m 4cm 1Bdg
7718800 10m 10cm 1Bdg
7718900 10m 12cm  1Bdg
0102600 5m 6cm 1Bdg
0102700 5m 8cm 1Bdg
0102800 5m 10cm 1Bdg
0102900 5m 12cm 1Bdg


Short Stretch Bandages: High working pressure and low resting pressure to actively support muscle pump work


For phlebologic and lymphologic diseases, such as varicosis, thrombophlebitis, phlebothrombosis, chronic venous insufficiency (incl. venous leg ulcers and venous edema), primary and secondary lymphedema, after vein surgery, after sclerotheraphy.


  • Short stretch, textile elastic
  • Air-permeable, latex-free, 100 % cotton
  • Particularly suitable for sensitive skin
  • Flexible, high wearing comfort
  • Serilizable (autoclave), reusable
  • Ideal for double-bandaging techniques

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 20 cm

4cmx5m, 10cmx10m, 12cmx10m, 6cmx5m, 8cmx5m, 10cmx5m, 12cmx5m


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