Buy Quality Bath Safety Accessories for your Elders

Buy Quality Bath Safety Accessories for your Elders

Aging comes with new mobility challenges, and the risk of serious accidents and falls increases for adults over 60 years of age. The CDC has listed the bathroom as the most dangerous place for adults, and 81% of injuries and falls occur in the bathroom.

Hence, bathroom safety is of utmost concern for adults. Weakness, general frailty, balance, and cognitive issues like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s can make a routine visit to the bathroom quite risky. Such issues make using the bathroom challenging for seniors. However, it is crucial that their independence and dignity be preserved as much as possible. Family members can help here by opting for quality bath safety accessories for the elders, reducing the risk of falls and accidents, and improving bathroom safety for adults.

Adults with medical issues are at a higher risk of falling in the bathroom. Although slips are uneventful, some can fractures, cracks, or serious injuries. Still, millions of elderly suffer fall injuries every year. When it comes to improving the safety of elders in the bathroom goes, it is never too late to take the right steps. Buy quality bath safety accessories for your elders to help them live a quality life while keeping them safe and protected.

– A Walk-in Shower

A walk-in shower is a great option to consider for adults in the house. It is easily accessible and proves to be an excellent bathroom safety design for the elderly. Getting in and out of the bathtub can be difficult for seniors. Although a bathtub makes showering easier for them, it is only a recommended option for frail adults. A walk-in shower, on the other hand, does not involve walking around or stepping over. Hence, it tends to be a perfect solution for the elder with mobility problems.

– Adequate Lighting Is A Must!

For a youngster, having more natural light entering the bathroom is a good shot. However, with the bathroom getting smaller nowadays, it does not work that way at all. An overly bright bathroom that blinds or dazzles seniors will not improvise their safety. It is definitely not recommended. Instead, the bathroom must be adequately bright to ensure the elderly can clearly see what they are doing.
It is best to install multiple bright white lights in the bathroom. Moreover, there must be a separate light close to the shower and over the washbasin.

– Non-slip Bathroom Mats

Non-slip bathroom mats must be placed in the showering area to help seniors take routine showers without the fear of falling. These mats can be a thoughtful addition to the showering area and will aid seniors to visit the bathroom with ease and convenience.

Shop Quality Bathroom Accessories Today!

At NU LIFE HOME HEALTH, you will come across numerous practical solutions that would ensure bathroom safety for the elderly to perfection. You can shop for quality bathroom accessories that allow you to keep essential items within easy reach. Furthermore, these accessories will add to your bathroom, making it more spacious and versatile.

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