Esteem+ Soft Convex is the latest addition to our range of one-piece convex ostomy solutions. The Esteem+ Soft Convex system combines flexibility with shallow convexity and is designed to conform well to the body and be comfortable to wear.

The flexibility of Esteem+ Soft Convex combined with a shallow convexity is designed to be gentle on the skin and deliver comfort and flexibility.

Key features include:

Trust and reassurance – The filter helps minimize odors and ballooning

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 15 cm


Item Number

422551, 422557, 422562


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Code Description Colour Size Convexity Plateau Size Quantity
422551 Soft Convex V1 Cut-to-Fit Urostomy Pouch Opaque 20-47mm V1 (Large) 10 per box
422557 Soft Convex V2 Cut-to-Fit Urostomy Pouch Opaque 15-40mm V2 (Medium) 10 per box
422562 Soft Convex V3 Cut-to-Fit Urostomy Pouch Opaque 10-28mm V3 (Small) 10 per box